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BuildBeyondrepresents TSL’s approach to ESG. Our goal is to build beyond industry standards, beyond client expectations and beyond community requirements, to create bespoke, state of the art, sustainably-built facilities across the world. We are innovators and pioneers of change, trusted by our clients to solve problems and provide groundbreaking solutions. Our proven formula for success optimises speed, sustainability and efficiency. Undeterred by the challenge of actioning ESG topics, we are focused on delivering tangible change.

As part of the development of our ESG strategy, we spoke to a wide range of stakeholders across our international business to form a plan that championed TSL’s entrepreneurial spirit.

We are proactive enablers of industry change. Our results demonstrate that we are building future-proof solutions that contribute to a more resilient built environment.

Build Together

The talented, like-minded and forward-thinking individuals at TSL form the best team in the world.
Keep coming back for a reason. We maintain an open, honest and dynamic relationship with all our clients.
Sustainability goes beyond us. We encourage our supply chain to work towards our goals and commitments as well.
We are committed to protecting our planet and improving our environment.
We invest in our people and our communities as they a vital part of TSL's legacy that we highly value.
Our leaders, management, ethics and policy ensure that TSL remains honest, open and compliant.

Build Responsibly

Our Approach

At TSL, sustainability is the beating heart of what we do. Recognising businesses’ vital role in shaping a sustainable future, our leadership team has taken a resolute stance to integrate sustainability across all facets of our operations. By embedding sustainability into our corporate DNA, we aim to minimise our environmental footprint, create positive social change, foster innovation, and enhance long-term resilience.

Sustainability management strictly adheres to our governance framework. A robust governance structure ensures all ESG matters are promptly addressed and, when materially important, resolved at Board level.

We recognise that our role extends beyond constructing exceptional buildings and infrastructure. Our social value policy encapsulates our commitment to advancing social, economic, and environmental sustainability. It is founded on the belief that a company’s success is intricately linked to creating positive and lasting impacts, advancing the communities in which we operate within. 

TSL is committed to being a net zero business by 2050 and assisting our clients to create low emission facilities.

TSL recognises that there are a wide variety of policy tools and instruments that will actively promote diversity and create an inclusive company culture.


“At TSL, we’re proud to be delivering the new environments to power the fourth industrial revolution. In doing so, we take our commitment to building sustainably and responsibly very seriously. We will ensure our projects leave a positive environmental and social legacy for communities across the world.”

Jackie Wild – Group CEO

TSL supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We consistently work towards these six goals on all TSL projects.

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- Water Efficient Building Design
- Construction Site Water Management
- Water Conservation & Source Protection
- Community Clean Water Access
- Wastewater Recycling & Treatment
- Job Creation & Skills Development
- Fair Employment Practices
- SME Support & Investment
- Strong Partnerships & Collaboration
- Infrastructure & Community Development
- Inclusive Ready Industrialisation
- Technology Integration in Buildings
- Climate Resilience & Adaptation
- Research & Development
- Sustainable Energy Generation Integration
- Sustainable Urban Planning
- Green Building & Infrastructure
- Accessible & Inclusive Infrastructure
- Heritage & Nature Preservation
- Smart Cities & Technology Integration
- Sustainable Material Sourcing
- Energy Efficiency
- Green Building Certifications
- Design for Longevity & Durability
- Lifecycle Assessment
- Energy Efficient Buildings
- Carbon Footprint Reduction
- Reduced Embodied Emissions
- Sustainable Transportation
- Climate Resilient Infrastructure

Project Case Studies

Magna Park North Unit 3, Lutterworth

Emission Reduction Case Study

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Magna Park South Unit 5 & Unit 6, Lutterworth

Social Value and Global Goals Case Study

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Considerate Constructors Scheme

We continuously strive for an ‘Excellent’ or ‘Outstanding’ score on each of our projects. Below is an example of a recent project with a CCS score of ‘Excellent’.


The many projects that have been awarded ‘Excellent’ and above are the result of detailed and precise planning from concept design through to construction. This aims to reduce embodied carbon, invest in energy efficiency and prioritise sustainability.

Planet Mark

We have joined a third-party scheme to verify our decarbonisation journey. We seek to go beyond our words and take action.

Planet Mark provides business certifications to help companies track and reduce their carbon footprint every year. Priding ourselves on being honest and open, we want to be held to our promises and make real progress.

This baseline of emissions broken down by the component parts, helps us identify where we can make immediate and impactful carbon reductions.

Our certification with Planet Mark will help us accelerate our strategy to reach net zero.

Our official Sustainability Report will be available in early 2024, thus information on these pages is subject to change at any time.

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