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Saying Farewell to our Career Ready Interns

Last week at SmartParc SEGRO site in Derby, our Career Ready interns Mona Tulemat, William Sewell and Hannah James gave two impressive presentations about what they have learned over the past four weeks. They presented their newfound knowledge of TSL, SmartParc and processes, such as waste compaction and building design. They even talked about their research on increasing food supply in low-income countries.

It was very encouraging to hear how valuable this experience has been for the three of them, providing work experience both in and outside the office. Over a period of only four weeks with us, the interns’ understanding of the industry grew and their confidence flourished.

Whilst we hope this was a valuable experience for the interns, it was also a very valuable experience for us. The three gave wonderful feedback to the TSL team and let us know how we could improve our internship program for the future.

At TSL we are committed to offering young adults the opportunity to work in a professional environment and provide them with vital work experience and skills that they can take to whatever career they end up in.

These three individuals have an exciting future ahead and we hope to see them again.

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