Health & Safety
Health & Safety
By Jason Wigglesworth - HSQE Director

As with most successful businesses, Health & Safety are at the heart of everything we do.

We believe all accidents and injuries are preventable and we are committed to sending everyone home in the same good health as when they arrived at work.

Safety starts with good design which is thoroughly challenged through the constructability reviews to ensure that as much risk as possible, both through construction and in the future operation of the site has been removed. Our multi-disciplined project team supported by our in-house Safety Team ensure that this process is rigorously followed prior to the project moving onto the site.

Once in construction, we have a robust set of systems which support both our own team and our subcontract partners to ensure that the highest standards are maintained throughout the build.

We totally embrace that safety is everyone’s responsibility and encourage our team through training and positive cultural reinforcement to be proactive in improving safety standards. It is a constant journey of continuous improvement to ensure that we keep the focus alive within our teams and our supply chain partners.